About Polaris Bushcraft

Polaris Wilderness Adventure Ltd, (Polaris Bushcraft) was established in 2012 by Graham Couling to share his knowledge and passion for the outdoors, nature and wildlife, and to increase understanding of the traditional skills of our ancestors, which have supported our race for millennia, yet are unknown to many people today. 

We teach both modern survival and traditional living skills to provide a truly rewarding experience, from both day workshops and longer courses, which inevitably enrich our understanding and connection with the natural world and our own past.

Your outdoor classroom

All courses are based around an expedition style camp with a covered communal area at the heart, where a kettle is constantly on the fire, biscuit tin, tea, coffee and soft drinks are provided, so students can make drinks at any time.
Both sites have screened, low environmental impact composting toilets and handwashing bowls and soap are provided to ensure good camp hygiene.

Our maximum course and day workshop size is 12, and lessons are planned to give instruction and demonstrations of techniques followed by plenty of hands on practise. 

For accommodation you are expected to bring your own tent or tarp, however, if you do not have access to one please let us know and we will arrange to lend you your choice of either a tent or a tarp on a first come first served basis. 

We believe that lack of equipment should not prevent people from experiencing the great outdoors, so we can provide the equipment you will need from tarps or a tent, to, saws, knives, sleeping mats and bivi bags should you require them. Please enquire when booking.

Our venues

Bayford, Hertfordshire
Our Woodland camp is based in beautiful ancient broadleaf woodland of 45 acres and is the venue for our weekend courses and many of our day workshops.  Part of the Broxbourne Woods complex, the Bayford location is close to rail and road connections, (only half an hour from the M25, and near the A10) but entirely secluded, uninterrupted by public footpaths and secure with no public access. 

Rich in traditional timber species such as Oak, Ash and Hornbeam, there is also a significant understorey of Birch, Hazel coppice, and plenty of wildlife who share the site including Badger and Deer.
Wormley West End, Hertfordshire

In a private, picturesque haymeadow on the South side of the valley, we have a permanent expedition style covered camp teaching area, with raised campfire, bank oven and cook fire.
Due to its situation in the valley at the edge of the Broxbourne Wood reservations, this site is well-suited for our natural navigation workshops and wild food courses having the facilities for a range of camp cooking techniques.

Situated on West End Lane, our Wormley West End site is 2 minutes from Paradise Wildlife Park and about 10 minutes from the A10.
Public events and private venues

We also attend other venues for public events and private bookings when required, please call to discuss your requirements or email info@polarisbushcraft.co.uk.
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