Axe: Skills & Best Practice Day Workshop

This day workshop covers all things axe related, and is a must if you are new to using an axe, or a great day to get you out of some common bad habits you may have acquired when using your axe. 

We'll look at different types of axe available and their uses, and give advice on how to select the right axe for your needs. You will learn to sharpen your axe and how to maintain both the head and the helve.

Axe: Skills and Best Practice Overview

We will begin with a look at the characteristics and desirable traits of different axes, and then learn safe techniques for splitting firewood from large rounds to small sticks, both with and without a block. You will be taught traditional methods for effective stacking and drying of firewood. and will learn how to to safely fell a small tree. We will learn to safely process the tree into manageable sized logs for fuel, known as limbing and sectioning, two distinctly different techniques, both with their own particular risks and safety tips to address these. 

In the afternoon session you will take a piece of wood you have harvested and begin an axe carving project, learning how to make a traditional scandanavian style cup or Kuska.

You will learn about the properties of different woods that you will encounter, and which to use for durability, aesthetics, and other properties, The final part of the day will be spent making a hand crafted project to take home, made from the green wood you have sustainable harvested and processed yourself.

Taught in the relaxed environment of an expedition-style camp with tea and coffee on hand throughout the day, you can ask plenty of questions, receive tailored tips and guidance. 

The day runs 0930-1630 with a lunch break.  Please bring a packed lunch and suitable outdoor clothing.

"An invaluable day teaching you all sorts of techniques and you will come away feeling much more confident using what can be very dangerous tools."
Course content: 

• Choosing an Axe, (axe types and their uses)
• Felling, limbing, sectioning and processing fire wood.
• Splitting with an Axe with and without a block
• Axe carving project
• Selecting wood
• Axe maintenance and handle replacement

Conducted from an expedition-style teaching environment in a beautiful mixed broadleaf and coniferous woodland with an eco-friendly composting toilet.  The camp fire is under cover, and acts as a communal area with a hot kettle constantly on the fire, coffee, tea, biscuit tin and squash available all day.

Course venue

Bayford, Hertfordshire

Our Woodland camp is based in beautiful ancient broadleaf woodland of 45 acres. Part of the Broxbourne Woods complex, the Bayford location is close to rail and road connections, (only half an hour from the M25, and near the A10) but entirely secluded, uninterrupted by public footpaths and secure with no public access. 

Rich in traditional timber species such as Oak, Ash and Hornbeam, there is also a significant understorey of Birch, Hazel coppice, and plenty of wildlife who share the site including Badger and Deer.

Next dates available

Saturday 20th January 2018 
Saturday 23rd June 2018
Saturday 3rd November 2018 


£90 per person. Over 18s only.

The day runs 0930-1630 with a lunch break. Please bring a packed lunch and suitable outdoor clothing.
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